At the regular status conference in the appellate proceedings Tolimir had no complaints about his health or the conditions in the detention unit. The appellate hearing has been slated for 12 November 2014

Zdravko Tolimir in the courtroomZdravko Tolimir in the courtroom

It took only six minutes to conclude the regular status conference in the appellate proceedings against Zdravko Tolimir, Mladics assistant for security and intelligence. Replying to the usual question about health and conditions in the detention unit, Tolimir briefly reported that his health status is unchanged. Tolimir had no complaints or questions.

Presiding judge Theodor Meron then announced that the appellate hearing in the case would take place on 12 November 2014.Only Tolimir appealed against the trial judgment, handed down in December 2012. The Trial Chamber found Tolimir guilty of genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995 and sentenced him to life in prison.

Tolimir has listed 25 grounds of appeal contesting the factual and legal findings in the trial judgment. In Tolimirs view, the sentence is obviously too harsh. According to the prosecution, the Trial Chamber has adequately assessed the evidence and has imposed an adequate sentence.

At the appellate hearing scheduled to begin at 9:50am, Tolimir will be the first to address the judges and will havetwo hours to present his arguments. The prosecution will have the same amount of time to respond to Tolimirs appeal. Tolimir will then have an hour and half to reply, and will be given an opportunity to address the Appeals Chamber at the end of the hearing for ten minutes.

Tolimir's legal advisor Aleksandar Gajic will also present oral arguments at the appellate hearing. The appellate judgment in the case against Zdravko Tolimir is expected in the spring of 2015.