The Appeals Chamber rules that there are no legal obstacles for famous US lawyer Alan Dershowitz to represents Momcilo Krajisnik in a part of the appellate proceedings dealing with his participation in the joint criminal enterprise. The next status conference will be held on 31 March 2008

Momcilo Krajisnik in the courtroomMomcilo Krajisnik in the courtroom

The Appeals Chamber granted the motion filed by the accused Momcilo Krajisnik and rescheduled the next status conference, originally slated for 3 March 2008, to 31 March. Krajisnik was also granted leave to have Alan Dershowitz attend the conference. US lawyer Dershowitz secured the acquittal of O.J. Simpson, American football star, of double murder.

The Appeals Chamber ruled that there were no legal obstacles for Dershowitz to represent Krajisnik in the appellate proceeding ‘on specific questions’. After he was sentenced to 27 years for crimes against the non-Serb population in BH in 1991 and 1992, Krajisnik decided to represent himself in the appellate proceeding. He only asked the famous US lawyer to help him draft a part of his appellate brief related to the allegation that he participated in the joint criminal enterprise.

In an e-mail, Dershowitz confirmed that he could attend the status conference on 31 March 2008. Together with his brother Nathan Dershowitz, he will draft a part of the appellate brief on Krajisnik’s behalf. The Appeals Chamber ordered Dershowitz to deliver the brief – not longer than 8,000 words – by 30 March 2008.

The prosecution appealed against the Krajisnik’s judgment, asking for a life sentence.