The execution of the Trial Chamber's decision to grant Ramush Haradinaj provisional release stayed until the Appeals Chamber renders its decision on the appeal the prosecution will file, as announced today

One of the trial chambers of the ICTY has granted former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj provisional release, but the execution of the decision has been stayed until the Appeals Chamber has ruled on the appeal the prosecution has announced it will file. According to the Rules of Procedure, the prosecution now has 24 hours to file its appeal.

The Trial Chamber notes in the decision made public today that it is satisfied the accused will return to The Hague for trial and that while at liberty, he will not pose a threat to the witnesses and victims. The Chamber has reached that conclusion on the basis of the fact that Ramush Haradinaj surrendered voluntarily immediately after the publication of the indictment, the guarantees offered by the UN Mission in Kosovo and the promises made by the accused himself.

While he is on provisional release, Ramush Haradinaj will have restricted freedom of movement. He will not be allowed to leave Pristina and Glodjane, he will have to report to the police station specified by UNMIK once a week and will not be allowed to hold any office on any level of government. Before he went to The Hague, Haradinaj had resigned as the Prime Minister in the Kosovo government.

Ramush Haradinaj has been charged as a former KLA commander for persecution, detention and murder of Serbian and Albanian civilians in 1998 in Kosovo. He has been indicted together with Idriz Balaj and Lahi Brahimaj. If he is granted provisional release eventually, he will be allowed to discuss the indictment only with his lawyers and will not be allowed to make any public statements.