In a motion of 18 September 2009, the prosecution refused to make any further cuts to Karadzic’s indictment; in his reply Karadzic implies that the prosecution is motivated by political instead of legal reasons. In Karadzic’s words, the prosecution has bowed down to the pressure from ‘the streets of Sarajevo’ and it ‘should be ashamed of itself’

Radovan Karadzic in the courtroomRadovan Karadzic in the courtroom

In his latest motion Radovan Karadzic comments on the prosecution’s refusal to make further cuts to the indictment charging him with genocide and other crimes in BH in 11 counts. According to Karadzic, the prosecution’s refusal to cut down the indictment is an ‘act of political cowardice’.

Karadzic notes that the prosecution refused to comply with the Trial Chamber’s call to make further cuts to the indictment even as ‘the Bosnian Muslims were burning photographs of the judges’ in the streets of Sarajevo’. Karadzic accuses the prosecution of giving precedence to ‘political over legal considerations’. A copy of a photo showing the judges’ pictures being burned in Sarajevo on 16 September 2009 was attached to the motion in the Annex A. The prosecution ‘should be ashamed because of that’, Karadzic says.

According to Karadzic, the prosecution wants to make same mistakes instead of learning the lessons of the Milosevic case. ‘After trying Milosevic to death, the prosecution now calls for the same death penalty for Dr Karadzic’, wishing to ‘obtain a judgment without having to prove its case’, the accused states in his motion disclosed today. The Trial Chamber, Karadzic concluded, should not tolerate ‘such perverted form of justice’ and it’s now the judges’ turn to make the cuts the prosecution refused to make.