After his transfer to the UN Detention Unit from Banja Luka last Friday, former policeman from Visegrad Sredoje Lukic pleads not guilty to any of the 12 counts of the indictment. The prosecution has already filed an application for the referral of the Visegrad case to BH courts

Sredoje Lukic pleads not guiltySredoje Lukic pleads not guilty

Sredoje Lukic, former police officer from Visegrad, who was transferred to the UN Detention Centre from Banja Luka on Friday, had his initial appearance before an ICTY judge today. After stating his name and other personal details, the accused waived his right to have the indictment read out to him and agreed to enter his plea on the counts immediately. The representative of the Registry read out all the 12 counts in the indictment, charging Sredoje Lukic with extermination, persecution, murder, beatings, cruel treatment and other inhumane acts. The accused responded to each count with, “Your Honor, not guilty”.

After Sredoje Lukic entered his plea, prosecutor Mark Harmon said he had already filed the application for the referral of the case to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He would thus be tried before the War Crimes Chamber of the State Court in Sarajevo. Although the prosecutor did not note that in particular today, the application for referral most likely includes the case of Milan Lukic, who is the first accused on the Visegrad indictment. His arrival in The Hague is expected soon, as he was arrested in Argentina in August.