Witness Saban Fazliu claims his daughter was abducted in Kosovo because of his testifying in The Hague, but the prosecutor puts it to him she left home because she was ashamed her father was testifying in Slobodan Milosevic's defense

Milosevic's defense witness Saban Fazliu claims his seventeen-year-old daughter was abducted in Kosovo because he "decided to tell the truth" in the courtroom in The Hague, but UNMIK concluded, after an investigation, that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

Fazliu claimed yesterday the girl had been abducted in the Urosevac area five or six months ago, when it became known he would be testifying as Slobodan Milosevic's defense witness. He doesn't know who abducted her, noting there are "various groups" in Kosovo. He made indirect accusations against members of his own family that they had informed the KLA about his pending testimony. The daughter recently called her mother to let her know she was alive but didn't say where she was.

The prosecutor contacted UNMIK's investigations department yesterday afternoon. The UNMIK investigators confirmed that in April they received a report about the abduction of the girl, but that after a investigation was conducted, they concluded "that this was a missing person case without any suspicious circumstances," as prosecutor Daniel Saxon stated today. When the prosecutor put it to the witness that the girl may have been embarrassed because her father would testify in Milosevic's defense, Fazliu replied that it was "possible" but maintained she had not "left" her home, but was "taken away."