Milorad Davidovic, former police chief in Bijeljina and then chief inspector in the Federal Secretariat of the Interior, returned to Bosnia in April 1992 on the orders of Mihalj Kertes to organize the "supply of weapons and aid to Serbs". Now he claims to have seen a document signed by Krajisnik, authorizing a man by the name of Djurkovic to "carry out a humanitarian relocation" of Bosniaks from Bijeljina

Momcilo Krajisnik in the courtroomMomcilo Krajisnik in the courtroom

In 1991 and 1992, the leadership of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) issued authorizations for "humane relocation" in Bijeljina and other places in BH, claims Milorad Davidovic testifying for the prosecution at the trial of Momcilo Krajisnik. Due to his persistent refusal to join the ranks of the SDS after that party got into power in Bijeljina, Davidovic was dismissed from his position of the chief of the municipal police.

Davidovic testified today that a man by the name of Vojkan Djurkovic, who "humanely relocated" Muslims by looting their houses and sending the money he gathered to Pale, showed him a document signed by Momcilo Krajisnik. The document, as the witness claims, "specified that Djurkovic may carry out humane relocation and may use to this end the services of the military and the police and that no one may disturb him in the execution of those tasks." Davidovic recounted today that when a deputy asked Krajisnik what those authorizations meant, he retorted angrily to "stay out of it."

After his removal from office, Milorad Davidovic went over to the federal Secretariat of the Interior in Belgrade, where he was made the chief inspector in charge of BH. In this capacity, he was directly subordinate to the then federal secretary of the interior, Petar Gracanin.

He described that at the time the federal SUP was the stronghold of the people opposed to the ethnic-based divisions in the country and the police. Because of that, Slobodan Milosevic appointed Mihalj Kertes, his person of trust, as Gracanin's deputy, the witness claims. In early April of 1992, Davidovic was ordered by Kertes, in the presence of Petar Gracanin, to go to BH and to organize the "supply of weapons and aid to the Serbs in BH." Kertes told the witness, as he said today, "It would make no sense for me, a Hungarian, to go to Bosnia to defend the Serbs there."

Davidovic claims that he could not oppose Kertes's order. As for his status and the status of other federal SUP employees sent to Bosnia, they were simply told to go on annual leave and then in Bosnia received new documents as RS MUP personnel, while their salaries, per diems and other benefits were paid from Belgrade. When someone objected that this was illegal, Mihalj Kertes replied, "F*** the law, do as I say, I am the law…"

Davidovic testified about the supply of weapons and military equipment to Pale from Belgrade by helicopter, about the arrival of the Red Berets from Serbia who were then made part of the Republika Srpska MUP, and about his meeting with Mladic and Karadzic when he was sent to the front line near Sarajevo in the spring of 1992.

Milorad Davidovic's testimony will continue tomorrow.