In its latest motion, the defense notes that Hadzic is not dealing well with the treatment for his brain tumor and the numerous side effects. The defense wants to receive daily reports on the health of the accused

Goran Hadzic in the cortroomGoran Hadzic in the cortroom

Goran Hadzic's defense claims that the first round of chemotherapy the accused has undergone for his brain tumor has had serious side effects, including drastic weight loss, complete loss of appetite, severe disorientation, loss of short-term memory, difficulties speaking, inability to take care of himself and extreme fatigue'. The defense has made those claims in a motion for "daily detailed medical monitoring and reporting of Hadzic’s health condition'.

The defense claims it has received 'worrying information':those in charge of Hadzic's medical care are not assisting the patient in keeping track of the drugs he is taking. In light of his short-term memory problems, this means that he may be "over-dosing or under-dosing".

The defense alleges that the medical reporting system in the UN Detention Unit is deficient. The Chamber receives weekly reports, there is no way of knowing how many medical visits Hadzic has received, which tests were performed, and no record is kept of his weight. The defense considers that the parties and the Chamber need detailed and prompt information; it is unacceptable for them to be 'left in the dark for a whole week' without any new information about the health of the accused.

Since the Registry has not responded to the defense's demands to be given detailed and prompt updates, the defense has now turned to the Trial Chamber to demand daily reports which will be submitted to thejudges, the prosecution and the defense. Hadzic's lawyers also want to be reassured about regular assistance provided to the accused and measures taken to ensure he takes his medication.

In early March, Hadzic embarked on the second round of combined chemotherapy and radiation designed to alleviate symptoms of the incurable brain tumor he was diagnosed with last November.The trial has been adjourned since then, but the proceedings are still 'ongoing', as the judges stated in their decision rejecting the defense motion for provisional release which would have made it possible for Hadzic to continue his treatment in Serbia.The defense appealed the decision yesterday in a motion filed under seal. The prosecution has in the meantime asked the judges to order the trial to go ahead, in the interests of justice, with or without Hadzic. The judges have yet to rule on that motion.