The trial of Goran Hadzic has been postponed because of his health problems. Last Friday, the former prime minister of the SAO Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem fainted and had to be given medical aid. The doctors are monitoring Hadzic’s condition

Goran Hadzic in the courtroomGoran Hadzic in the courtroom

The trial of Goran Hadzic, slated to continue on Monday morning, was postponed because of the health problems of the former prime minister of the SAO Eastern Slavonia. Magdalena Spalinska, the Tribunals spokesperson, has indicated that the trial would not resume on Tuesday.

In her statement toSENSE Agency she said that on Friday, 17 October 2014, Goran Hadzic briefly fainted in the UN Detention Unit in Scheveningen and was given medical treatment. Hadzic was transferred to a hospital in The Hague where he underwent additional examinations. Hadzic was brought back to the Detention Unit the next day, and his health is now being monitored.

Spalinska was not able to specify the nature of Hadzics medical problem because the information on the health status of the accused is classified.

The unexpected break in the defenses case came after former government secretary of the Republic of Serbian Krajina Savo Strbac completed his evidence last week. Hadzic is charged with crimes in Eastern Slavonia and RSK from June 1991 to the end of 1993.