Musan Talovic from Glogova in Bratunac testified at the Radovan Karadzic trial about the execution he survived when the Serb forces attacked Glogova on 9 May 1992. About 20 Muslim men were executed in the incident, including two children. A total of 68 people were killed in Glogova that day. Karadzic tried to prove that this was a 'local' incident which was not ordered from 'the central'

Musan Tanovic, witness at the Radovan Karadzic trialMusan Tanovic, witness at the Radovan Karadzic trial

After protected witness KDZ 029 completed his evidence, heard in closed session, the prosecution called Musan Talovic from Glogova near Bratunac. He is a survivor of an execution organized by the Serb forces, following their attack on the village on 9 May 1992.

According to a summary statement read out by prosecutor Carolyn Edgerton in court, on 9 May 1992, the Serb soldiers entered Glogova and ordered the residents to move to the centre of the village. One of the Serbs, Najdan Mladjenovic, ordered the soldiers to take three men into his car and then told the others to 'proceed with the job' and 'to kill the rest'.

As the witness said, only one of the three men survived: he managed to flee the captivity somehow. The witness and about twenty other men, including two children, were brought to a nearby river at gunpoint. The Serb soldiers started firing on them. Later, the witness woke up in the river, some twenty meters downriver. He realized he and another man were the only survivors.

A total of 68 locals were killed in the attack of the Serb forces on Glogova on 9 May 1992. None of the victims took part in any military activities. When the witness was asked about the consequences of the traumatic experience, he replied that his family and neighbors were best placed to answer that. 'I would not wish it on my worst enemy', he said.

In his cross-examination of the witness, Karadzic claimed that it was a 'local' incident, not ordered by 'the central'. There was 'bad blood' between the Muslims in Glogova and other villages in Bratunac municipality and the Serbs as early as in August 1991, after Alija Izetbegovic rejected the 'historic agreement' in which the Serb leadership agreed to leave Yugoslavia provided there was a decentralization of power in BH.

As for the roadblocks that the Muslims purportedly set up, to which the Serbs responded by setting up their own roadblocks, and the terror campaign waged by the Muslims against Serbs from August 1991 until May 1992, the witness didn't know anything about that. 'On 8 May I sowed corn and I wasnt wasting my time thinking about nonsense, and as for who did this to us, you know that only too well, Karadzic', Talovic said.

The trial of Radovan Karadzic continues tomorrow.