In a bid to corroborate the allegations that the US government monitored privileged communications with his legal advisor Peter Robinson, Radovan Karadzic wants the Ecuadoran embassy to allow him to meet with the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Julian AssangeJulian Assange

The accused Radovan Karadzic has sent a request to the Ecuadoran embassy in The Hague to allow his legal advisor Peter Robinson to meet with Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder. In Karadzic’s opinion, Assange, who is currently residing in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, could have information relevant for his case.

Invoking the confidential diplomatic cables made available on the Wikileaks website, earlier this month Karadzic asked the Tribunal to appoint a prosecutor amicus curiae to investigate if the US officials were in contempt of court. In a motion submitted on 9 December 2013, Karadzic says there ‘is reason to believe’ that the USA monitored his privileged communications and telephone conversations of his legal advisor. In the same motion Karadzic stresses that the USA has a vested interest in the trials of high-ranking political and military officials before the Tribunal.

Karadzic quotes the allegations made by Judge Harhoff in a Danish newspaper on 6 December 2013, that ‘the judges’ e-mails were monitored’. Karadzic also notes that Slobodan Milosevic’s communications with his spouse and legal advisors had also been under surveillance, which prompted him to call for an enquiry into the activities of the former head of the Detention Unit Timothy McFadden. Karadzic has also called for an investigation of Carla Del Ponte, alleging that she had disclosed confidential information on Milosevic’s defense witnesses. Both motions have been rejected. Finally, Karadzic thinks that the US government has shown a keen interest in his case since his arrest.

Although all his motions so far have been rejected, Karadzic refuses to give up and wants Assange’s help in proving the surveillance allegations. Karadzic’s legal advisor could meet with Assange during the Tribunal’s winter recess, which lasts until 16 January 2013, when the defense case is set to resume.

Karadzic’s next request could be sent to Russia which has given refuge to Edward Snowden, former intelligence officer. Snowden has disclosed to the Guardian that the American National Security Agency has been supervising telephone and internet traffic all over the world.